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It's time to get rid of bad odor, dirt and bacteria that have penetrated into carpets and seats over time.
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You can abandon the method of wiping with cloths and wrong detergents that damage your carpets and seats. By getting these services from your master, you can get clean, first-day carpets and armchairs with modern methods.

In Istanbul, Izmir, and Ankara, we provide upholstery cleaning services using state-of-the-art technology and cleaning materials that won't harm your furniture. Don't assume your couches are clean; when you see the dirty water extracted during our service, you won't believe your eyes. After upholstery cleaning, the products typically dry at room temperature within 4-6 hours.

Our carpet cleaning service, unlike traditional methods, is performed in your home. Yes, you read it correctly – we don't take your carpets away for a long time; instead, we wash them on-site using professional equipment. After the carpet cleaning service, the products typically dry at room temperature within 4-6 hours. Don't forget to specify the number of square meters for the carpets you want to be washed when placing your order.

At Mr Usta, we strive to provide the most accurate solutions to service needs with our trained handyman. You can benefit from our services with the advantage of seeing upfront service fees during the reservation and taking advantage of fixed pricing. Moreover, we provide a service guarantee for your service needs and ensure protection against potential damages with our insurance policy. If you're tired of searching for a handyman and waiting for one, you can easily place an order for the day and time you want, specifying the service details, with the advantage of fixed pricing and online payment.

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Sofa Cleaning Packages
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Sofa Cleaning Packages
Sofa Cleaning Packages

Valid for a short time; You can get the cleaning of your sofa set, bed and chairs at a discounted price.


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